Our programs are individualized for children with a wide variety of needs.

With 3 participants per instructor, we can tailor the programs to each child’s unique needs. Confident swimmers are challenged, while timid swimmers get the time and attention they need to thrive.

Classes are $30 per time per child, with a yearly registration fee of $40 per child or $55 per family.

You can join our classes any time. Class registration during the school year will automatically re-enroll month to month. 

Adapted Classes are for children who have special needs. Whether the child has a specific diagnoses or a physical on intellectual difference, we can meet the child where they are and develop safe swimming skills.

Parent and Child Classes are for children 6 month to 3 years of age. This class focuses on water safety skills for parents and water adjustment for the children. The goal of this class is a bonding time for parents and children as they develop water safety skills.

Preschool Classes are for children 2-6 years old. The focus is on water adjustment, breath control and learning swim skills with teacher assistance. Children will be encouraged to blow bubbles and put their face in the water.

Youth Beginner is a combination skills class. This is ideal for beginner swimmers ages 6-10 years old. The class will focus on independent swimming with the goal of every swimmer to swim 10 yards (half the length of the pool.)

Youth Intermediate is a combination skills class. This is ideal for swimmers ages 6-13 years old who are ready to build on basic swim skills and advanced swimming techniques. The goal of every swimmer is to swim 25 yards (the whole length of the pool) at a time and build swim endurance.

Swim Team Prep Endurance is a skill refinement and endurance class for swimmers that can swim 25 yardsThis is ideal for swimmers ages 6-18 years old who are ready to begin advanced swim training.

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