“My youngest son, age 9, has taken swim lessons since he was 3. These lessons were taught both for traditional reasons, and to address his sensory issues due to his diagnosis of autism. He has had several typical swim instructors, and several licensed OT’s. Erica, though not an OT, understand and senses my son’s needs on par with the OT’s and properly addresses his needs during his time with her. My son has made progress with her and looks forward to his lessons. Her demeanor is upbeat, yet calm and soothing.Through viewing these lessons and my talks with Erica, I have come to trust not only her competence, but her heart as well.”

—Jeff Bennett


“Erica has been my boys’ swim instructor since 2008. She is an incredible swim instructor with great knowledge. We have seen her teach students of all ages with much success. She is reliable, kind, patient and goes way beyond the call of duty.”

—Sherrie Traweek


“When we met Erica, it was an instant connection with me, and most importantly with my 3 young kids. Her calm, sweet but authoritative voice proved to be exactly what my kids needed. Her passion for kids and for the sport is apparent in every swim class she does. “Miss Erica” is loved by each and every kid she teaches and is cherished and admired by the parents. I’m just so thankful I met her!”

—Tina McDonough

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