South Sound Swim and Safety Partnerships

South Sound Swim and Safety Partnerships

Black Diamond Camp

South Sound Swim and Safety has been a guest of Black Diamond Camp for over 8 years. We are thankful for our continued partnership and love using the pool for our classes.
South Sound swim shares pool time with the camp. Occasionally the swim class schedule will change to accommodate the camps schedule.

Black Diamond Camps
19830 SE 328th Place
Auburn, WA 98082
Phone: (253) 939-0488

Maple Valley Pediatric Therapy

South Sound Swim and Safety has partnered with Maple Valley Pediatric Therapy for over 8 years. We have collaborated to develop the water safety and swim lesson curriculum that is currently in place. You will see Maple Valley Pediatric Therapists engaging in therapy sessions while our swim lessons are taking place. Contact them if you have any questions about aquatic therapy.

Maple Valley Pediatric Therapy
22443 SE 240th St
Maple Valley, WA 98038
Phone (425) 358-3070

Valley Girls & Guys

Valley Girls & Guys! is an all-volunteer organization with the sole goal of harnessing the power of community to support cancer patients and their families.  Our journey began in 2007 raising money to support a national breast cancer organization, which culminated in donations totaling over 3.2 + million dollars.  In October of 2014, Valley Girls & Guys became a Washington State 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance to local families who were suffering from any cancer diagnosis.  Valley Girls & Guys! is served by its Founder and President, Tina McDonough, and  a steadfast Board of Directors who carefully steward the resources of our donors to efficiently and effectively support cancer patients in the communities where they live, work and receive treatment. A Cancer diagnosis affects the whole family, and Valley Girls & Guys! eases the burden faced by families in need.

For Urgent needs, call Tina: 206-793-3175

Raise The Bar

Our priority and joy is the people who we run around with every day in the Multisport Playground. We take our commitment to them very seriously and work very hard to offer benefits, opportunities, and programs that will make their experience the best one possible. Because when athletes are given a positive community,  information, and support, they bring a better person back to their families, friends, and employers…..and that’s what’s most important.
Phone (206) 779 7727

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