School Age

School Age

School Age Programs

DSCF0548School age kids come to swim with a wide variety of skills and experiences — some have been in swim programs before since they were small, while others may be just beginning. This is where small program sizes and individual attention really make a huge difference.

Though typical goals at this age include helping each child find their point of buoyancy and learn good breath control, our true aim is to help every child gain new skills and greater confidence in the water, no matter where their starting point is.

Swimmers will work on progressive skill development, beginning with introducing water skills, and continuing through swimming stroke mastery and advanced skill development. This program includes education and skills practice for water safety, swimming strokes, and other swimming skills, such as treading water, water entry, turns, and starts. It is common for children to participate in several months of swimming before they successfully demonstrate each skill. That is okay! It is not important how quickly they acquire each skill.

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