Why is our program different?

South Sound Swim and Safety is a student focused, high activity, individualized swim and safety program. As we have grown we now offer many safety based learning opportunities. Our philosophy centers on the idea that each student is an individual that learns and grows in their own time. We also understand that life happens! When your child has to take an extended break from swimming lessons, there is a chance when they come back that they will be behind their peers. With our program you can sign up for a day and time that works and if available even have their friends sign up!

Other programs use levels, what does your program use to track student’s skills?

Swimming is a life long skill where you never stop learning. Our program allows you to start and stop easily. 

Students receive more active swimming time due to low Instructor to student ratio lower than other programs 3:1 vs. 5-10:1

We don’t offer levels as individual students learn differently. When you need to take a break we are flexible and students are able to start right back into the program. 

How does my student learn by repeating the same activity?

Our swim lesson program focuses on low-load training, defined as simple and easily repeated, which increases local muscular endurance. 

Student focused learning, we provide confidence boosting activities 

How do you ensure student safety during the lessons?

There are a variety of safety measures our program uses. We ensure all staff are certified in American Red Cross Healthy and Safety courses. There is an AED, phone, and first aide station near the entry doors. 

We use swim floats for students who do not have the stream line position and body chemistry to support themselves for as long as they need it to successfully and confidently work on safety swimming.

How do I know if this program is right for us?

Our program is appropriate for all ages from infant to older adult. Warm water pool activities are therapeutic while working on swimming skills.

Different programs are focused on different goals for your student. There are athletic/sport, fitness, special skill, and safety training types of programs. Ours is a blend of athletic and safety training. By focusing on endurance and ensuring safety of your student’s skills, we can 

What does the student work on each week?

Curriculum focuses on the Safety Strokes: crawl stroke on both front and back-reaching for safety continually moving forward.

The power in swimming comes from strength in all parts of the body. Just like with regular physical activity it takes consistency and repetition to improve not just skill but endurance. 

What efforts are made to provide updates about student progress?

We are working on using our registration system to send out skill updates. This is a work in progress that we strive to have available soon.