Preschool Age Swimmers

DSCF0479Preschool age swimmers will use a flotation belt system to help them gain balance and confidence in the water. Children begin with 4 floats on their belt, and as they learn how to balance, the floats are gradually removed until a child is swimming on their own.

Teachers follow a plan to introduce new swimming and water safety skills that are developmentally appropriate for young children. Each class is loaded with enjoyable, engaging and challenging activities that motivate children to want to perform and learn to swim. Some of the milestones in include: -Stepping from the side into chest-deep water. -Moving into a front float for 5 seconds, rolling to back, floating for 5 seconds then recovering to a vertical position. -Moving into a back float for 5 seconds, rolling to front then recovering to a vertical position. -Pushing off and swimming using combined arm and leg actions on front for 5 body lengths. -Rolling to back, floating for 15 seconds, rolling to front then continuing to swim for 5 body lengths. It is quite common for children to participate for 4 – 6 months before they are able to successfully demonstrate all the skills. That’s okay! It is not important how quickly that they acquire each skill.

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